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  • Vibration technology for

    Vibration technology for


Conveying, feeding and screening for the food sector

This segment covers a very wide list of vibratory applications and for all types of food stuffs from fresh salad conveying to fresh meats, seafood, frozen food, diced cheese and other. Pork, cow and poultry meats needs high power vibratory technology for feeding, draining of sticky meats eg to marination or other further processing, freezers etc. Here we also solve challenges with orientation of certain bakery products, cooling or settling vibrators. Berries feeding and screening with stems removal or diced cheese dewatering – and more.

Vibratory products for the food industry

Dewatering AVFS-VD

Dewatering feeders AVTS-VF50-1 & 2

Feeder with hopper AVF-VF50-200L