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  • Vibration technology for

    Bio-Proteins and other

Vibratory Sifters and Conveyors for Bio-proteins and more

Alvibra has developed new methods for feeding, screening, buffering and washing new sustainable, bio organic protein sources like BFSL (Black Soldier Fly Larvaes), insects and bugs. This is certainly no easy product and 2 similar projects may require 2 very different technologies.

We are open for more and other exiting segments.

We are keen also on special applications, developments and challenges. By use of vibration technology and other, we solve customers production problems and challenges. In our test facility we build small-scale test units for applications we find challenging and interesting.

Vibratory products for Bio-proteins and more

Industrial Feeder 2118-AR-1158-02

Open sifter AVS-VD-100 1955-000

Washing & Dewatering feeder AVFS-VF50