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Products may be extremely different and have completely different behaviors. We handle all from dry or wet, large or small solid items to dusty powders, granules and microscopic particles. Consequently products may be free flowing, bridgebuilding, sticky, extruded, agglomerated, hygroscopic, abrasive, fermented, evaporated, dried, frozen, fresh, wet, processed, warm, chilled, cleaned or non-washed.
Infant formula, baby food powder, starch, coffee, creamer, milk powder, whey protein, skim-milk powder, flour, ingredients, pea protein, maltodextrine, permeat, lactose, lactoferine, nutrition, extract, flavor, plant based, fibers
Nuts, cereals, dried vegetables, dried fruits, snacks, confectionary, spices, bakery, bread, biscuits, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, citric acid powder, candy, winegum, tea, salt
Fresh, frozen or further processed fries, seafood, meat, poultry, pork, cow, beef, cheese, vegetables, wet salt
Animal feed, fish feed, aqua feed, dry or wet salt, chemicals, petfood, granules, BSFL, insects, washing detergents, sand, filter materials, crystals, pellets, slate, saw dust, corn-cobs, gun powder, seeds, plastic granules, PE pellets, grain, biofuel pellets and granules

Pharmaceutic salt, - powders, - dairy ingedients, - chemicals and other medical products

Petfood, insects, BSFL, aqua feed – and any other type product