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    Belt Conveyors

Horizontal or Inclined / One-direction or Reversible

Belt conveyors are in general probably understood as the most common way of transporting items. The belt moves products in a simple way from A to B and requires that the belt is being fed by even and consistent product flow. However, conveyors can also be a highly dedicated and expensive piece of food-grade equipment, designed with hygienic features for easy and thorougly cleaning. Belt conveyors are also used for buffering and other. Conveyor belts may be enclosed or fully open, where enclosures can be stationary mounted or easily removeable or hinged for easy access.

We offer short or long distance conveying systems for indoor or outdoor, wet or dry environments, in high grade hygienic or low grade industrial executions. Trough shape conveyors, flat belted conveyor with or without sides. Type of belts according to the industry requirements.

Straight inclined conveyors, with or without cleats, is a simple way to both transport and elevate product. Z-conveyors, swan-neck-, giraffe- or knee- conveyors are all names for same thing: An inclined conveyor where either the top, bottom (or both) sections are horizontal. Z-conveyors are e.g. used for feeding process-, weighing- and packing lines, and some may be even mobile for moving between lines or cleaning. Receiving products and direct it either to the left or to the right is determined just by the direction of the driving motor. However, it also requires the right design in order for the belt tracking to stay in place correctly, no matter which direction it is going.