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    VibraDriveTM vibration technology

This unique vibration concept is developed and patented by Alvibra and offers a range of unique advantages. The Vibration system is based on a 2-mass system and is for primarily high amplitude vibrations between 3 and 6 mm - in some special versions more. It is fully electronically adjustable in amplitude, very silent in operation and is perfect for very long conveyors. All vibration / unballance motor conveyors stops at lengths around 8-10 meters / 25-30 ft.

Our VibraDriveTM conveyor systems can go far beyond that and is in theory endless.

The VibraDriveTM system is further great for dosing applications, because it is fully adjustable and further starts & stops instantly.

The VibraDriveTM system further fits well with our general environment friendly and green company mindset, since it is energy saving by using far less than half the electrical power of traditional vibrators.