Welcome to Alvibra A/S – your specialist in vibration technology

Alvibra is an innovative and customer-oriented company, which offers a wide range of processing and conveyance equipment based on vibration technology to handle powder and granules as well as other products such as foodstuffs. Our machines and equipment are exported to customers throughout the world.

We manufacture machines, equipment and customer-oriented solutions for use primarily in:

  • Grain and the feedstuffs industry
  • The foodstuffs industry including ingredients and additives
  • The chemical technology industry including extremely cold or extremely hot products

and our machines and equipment are typically used in connection with:

  • Screening, i.e. fractionation, dust removal or dewatering of products
  • Conveyance of powder and pellets or other products such as foodstuffs
  • Feeding with regard to a steady supply of products to other machines or in the case of extraction from a silo etc.

 Alvibra A/S owns a number of patents and patent applications and we are very
patent-active, as we see it as our primary duty to develop and sell products which
give our customers the best possible technological basis to expand and improve their
production and at the same time optimise the opportunities for cleaning and hygiene.